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Need For Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit

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1 Need For Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit on Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:43 am



Need for Speed III is a great game. It has an
exhilarating sense of speed, clean and beautiful graphics, polished
production values, and trackloads of unadulterated fun. In many ways,
Need for Speed III has that same addictive quality I found in Quake II,
Starcraft, and Heroes of Might and Magic. That's pretty celebrated
company, but I don't think it's an unfounded categorization. Need for
Speed III has that same "just one more turn or just one more deathmatch"
quality that the other games have. And just like in those games, the
action in Need for Speed III is so engrossing and rewarding that the
next time you come up for air, you'll find that two hours have whizzed

While Need for Speed III shares an addictive quality with
those games, it has something of its own: pure speed. This game is fast
and fun. The frame rate is fast and incredibly clean. I've played my
fair share of PC and console racers where the pop-up was horrible, as
cliffs and buildings would suddenly appear out of thin air, many seconds
after you should have seen them on the horizon. Whether it's the smart
track design or the beautiful engine, the bottom line is that I only saw
one or two instances of minor pop-up. And multiplayer is as fast and
fun as the single-player experience. The sound of your revving engine
and the fast frame rate both combined to create the illusion of
breakneck speeds, although the replays didn't look quite as fast I would
have liked.

Download Link:

rapidshare.com NFS3HPPG.part1.Lemon

rapidshare.com NFS3HPPG.part2.Lemon

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